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Elio Mella ( Pilot Name: EMDrones, USA)

How I got started with racing drone?

I Started drones with an Estes ProtoX my Girlfriend bought me for Xmas 2014. Not even 1 month after that I had my first ZMR250 and Fatshark Predator V2s and stuck with it ever since. I have built over 50,owned 10, and lost 2 full FPV drones. Never giving up is the key. I have spent a year just practicing,racing and freestyle plus building and tuning to keep pushing forward. 

What I like about racing drone?

I enjoy every second I am doing something drone related, the feeling of diving buildings,punching out the skies, crashing, building and flying like a bird and seeing   something you built to fly…, it was amazing. I never soldered or Tuned PIDs flashed  firmware or anything RC related before drones but even all the time spent on the bench  building or repairing, it is still the best.


My proudest achievement in racing drone so far.

My proudest achievement so far is to have made a drone fly in the first place, being a Team Pilot for Space One FPV and ACEHE and my First place finish in MultiGP Races.