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Walter Kirsch

  How I got started with racing drone?

  I watched a video with some French pilots racing in the woods. After that I knew that I had to get

  into this! And I did it – with success :)


  Races won/placed:

  - AerialGP Austria 2015: reached the semifinals

  - FPV Race Seeboden 2016: reached the semifinals& fastest lap

  - FPV Woodland Challenge 2016: 4th Place & fastest lap

  - Air Masters Salzburg 2016: reached quarter finals

  - 1st Southern Germany FPV Race in N?rdlingen: 3rdPlace

  - Air Masters Styria 2016: 2nd Place & fastest lap

  - Bexbach German Masters: 4th Place


  What are you achievements ?

  I always look for competition, and FPV racing gives me the opportunity to combine this with fun,

  friendsand adrenaline J


  Some quirky facts about me.

  Being slow is not an option.